VCA-cursusboek Engels – Coursebook Basic Elements of Safety 4e druk

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This coursebook serves as a preparation for the Basic Elements of Safety SCC exam (Basisveiligheid VCA) and is based on the latest qualifications needed for you to succeed. In nine chapters you will be guided step by step through the learning material. The following topics are discussed.

– VCA and legislation

– Risks and prevention

– Fire and explosion

– Hazardous substances

– Equipment

– Specific activities and circumstances

– Electricity

– Prevention

Each chapter is clearly structured and concludes with a summary and a self test. A portion of each self test consists of exam questions. This method allows you to get used to the way questions are asked during the official SCC exams. When you have finished all the chapters in this order you may start the pre-exam in chapter 9. When you are able to achieve a good result for this pre-exam, you will be ready to participate in the exam for Basic Elements of Safety SCC.

Fourth edition

ISBN: 9789491595288

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Full colour Engelstalig cursusboek Basisveiligheid VCA gebaseerd op de laatste eindtermen met de nieuwe vraagvormen.

Uitgave 2019